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An assortment of Unani Medicines made using ingredients that have proved beneficial since centuries...

Know Us

Based on healing systems of Ayurveda that is age old, potent and extremely powerful, we, Zam Zam Remedies, proudly present a range of healthcare and wellness products. We preach what Ayurveda teaches us – not to merely fight and battle diseases but to strike such a fine & delicate balance among the mind, the body, and the spirit gaining good health and wellness becomes inevitable. Creating harmonious relationships among the three makes the overall constitution so strong that warding off diseases that might arise from certain birth defects, mild to severe injuries, seasonal and emotional disruption, etc., can be battled and healed in no time. As such, our range of Ayurvedic Medicine and Products is carefully formulated to work by balancing doshas and give ready relief from a multitude of ailments without any side effects. Under our range, we as a manufacturer & supplier offer 200 Gm Zam Zam Chatni Special, Imsak Night Powder, Majoon Shabab E Niswan, Sharbat Hazim Khas Digestive Syrup, 200ml Zafrani Cold Cough Syrup, etc., which are quite fairly priced.